Saturday, January 08, 2011

Joy in Simplicity - #8

I love the movie - Pay It Forward - the concept is just so enlightening in a world filled with "If I do something for you, I expect something in return!" The movie is about a little boy that comes up with the idea as a school project - there are some adult themes in the movie so please preview it before you let your children watch it.

The reason I am talking about that movie is that yesterday I was on facebook and I was reading a post by my friend Janel - it said Pay It Forward in 2011 - and basically the premise was that the first 5 people that left a comment would get a homemade gift from Janel, with the understanding that you would then make the same post and do that for 5 others yourself. In less than an hour I was seeing several people posting this message.

Not only is this fun - is is simple - and it brings me joy to make to things and I love giving gifts away, so last night as I was laying on the couch feeling a little unmotivated I got out my croqueting and started on my projects for my commenters. The really cool thing is that two people that commented were students of mine from about 13 years ago (wow that seems like yesterday but sounds like a lot of years)

Anyway - today I challenge you to Pay if Forward - do something for someone else expecting nothing in return. This also goes along perfectly with our sermon series at church this month on serving!

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