Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Joy in Simplicity - #18

Today I want to talk about the joy of pets! Some of you out there are not pet lovers and that is okay but there are others that would say their pet is part of their family, and others that land somewhere in the middle.

For me pets are part of the family....when I got sick a few years ago I was single and my pets were my companions, Tucker was there when I went through my first steroid treatment, he was only 13 pounds at the time, so he easily snuggled up with me on the couch. He is now 90 pounds and still snuggles up with me when I am not feeling well, or just when I need a good foot warmer.

My kitty Boo was the same way - she was a cuddler, the last couple months have been a hard since she was 17 years old and failing in health. She passed away last week after a long life! I miss her, because she was also a cuddler. She would lay by my side with Tucker at my feet.

I think God gives us pets to bring us comfort, because no matter what happens, they are faithful, they are constant, you can correct them one minute and the next they are right back by your side ready to love you again.

Pets have theraputic value as well, if they didn't hospitals and nursing homes would not allow them to come through their doors. Have you ever thought about training your pet to be a therapy pet? Tucker is trained - he just has to take his test!

Today I encourage you to be thankful for your pets! I know for me - my pets bring me great joy! (Lots of hard work too - but well worth it) Join me tomorrow for some tips to help you have a well behaved pet, tips directly from Tucker's Obedience classes!

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