Monday, March 29, 2010

Glowy Unicorns and Complaining!

Tonight was the kickoff for our 8th grade girls Small Group - these girls have energy - wow! From the moment they walked in to the moment they left there was never a dull moment...they talked about everything - including but not limited to being "glowy", unicorns, baby names, complaining, denarius, the meaning of Noel, and so much more that I wish I could remember. However the best thought of the night was in the beginning when we were talking about the baby and the girls were asking how it felt to be pregnant - which was entertaining to say the of my girls asked me after I squirted the dog because he is being trained to not whine when he is behind the gate, "Jana, are you going to spray your baby in the face when he cries, like you do when your dog cries?" Oh my goodness - I had to laugh at that one and insisted that I could not!

We did tonight talk about complaining - we looked at the Parable of the Workers in Matthew 20:1-16. Check it out and be challenged! Looking forward to more fun times with these girls!

MS, Baby, and Me

Hey Friends - as most of you know now, or have just found out, my husband and I are expecting our first child! We are thrilled, but nervous and excited all in one. I just wanted to let you know about a new blog that I have is called MS, Baby, and Me. You can find it by going to It will be our journey into parenthood, but it will be a bit of a different journey because of my health conditions. With that being said, it is our hope that our blog would be a prayer request for our child and for us as parents, that it would also be a place of humor and joy for those who follow us, but also that it would be an encouragement to others out there that might be struggling with MS or another disease but also find themselves on the path to parenthood.

One thing is for sure, since Joel and I are involved it will be humorous (Joel says he likes me when I laugh, (not that he doesn't when I don't - I have learned that)) and it will be honest, and sometimes a bit of raw emotion, but hopefully in all of that our story will be God honoring!

Thanks for your prayers! The next 244 days (I only know that from using my new Baby Bump App for my I Phone) are going to be a wild ride! Hope you will join us in the adventure!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Starfield and Mikeschair Interviews

Check out the videos of me interviewing "Starfield" and "Mikeschair" over at my website: Both were a lot of fun!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Mike's Chair

This band is the real deal....they not only are great on stage, musically awesome, but they have great passion for Christ! They are men of integrity! I had the privilege of getting to know them backstage at Impact. I even will be soon posting a video interview with them. If you have not checked out their music - go to Check out some of these great pictures!

Guest Blog

Hey Friends! Just wanted to pass along a hello to anyone that has just started following me here. This week I have the honor of being a guest post on one of the most popular youth ministry blogs - Josh Griffin is a great guy and can take a little credit in helping Joel and I find love! (or at least he likes to think he helped in that process) Needless to say he is in Kenya right now and was looking for some guest bloggers - so go there and check out my blog on "The Sexy Truth" To get more information about the Sexy Truth - check out our site at