Monday, October 25, 2010

Poured Walls - Snyder Addition

This is the next step to our addition. As we speak the concrete is drying (or at least it is supposed to be drying despite the rain). I am happy to see that it is progressing, sad to say that we have to find a new place for our stairs, that will be an interesting process.

Check back soon for new pictures or videos of our progress. PS - A special shout out to Christianna - my faithful blog follower - if there is anyone else out there that likes to follow along - let me know - it will help me to be more motivated to write more regularly.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Frenzy

I can't believe as I looked back that it has been over a month since i have last blogged - I do have a good excuse! Ministry! Taraja Ministries is flourishing! I am am speaking four out of the five weekends of October, all on different topics! I couldn't be more excited about what God is doing in this ministry. It is amazing to see what God can do when we are willing to be obedient!

For me obedience sometimes means trying all the wrong things before you find the right thing - which is not the best way to do things. If only I spent more time in prayer and was obedient from the start I wouldn't have to take so many side roads to get to my destination!

If you think of it - I would covet your prayer support this month for these events....Mirror Conference in Middleburg PA, October 15 &16th, Christian Endeavor College Work Camp, Oct. 21-24th, and Selinsgrove UMC Women's Retreat Oct. 29-31th.