Friday, August 31, 2007

Football Season has begun!

So many people are really excited about the fact that it is football season! Don't get me wrong - I like football - I really enjoy watching a good game...but for season means quality hang out time with kids, parents and other random people.

I went to the first Lewisburg game tonight and let me just say I was trying to park my car and people were already talking to me. I was trying to rush so I could see the band (which was amazing by the way!!!) but I got stopped by at least four people. After the band played it was constant conversation for the next two hours. My favorite part of the night was when my middle school boys were so excited to see me that they ran up and gave me a hug and did the claw which is kinda like giving someone a pound but I guess it is the in thing in CA (according to Josh, anyway)

So all this to say - I love football season because I get to see everyone, and then we have an open gym afterwards and I get to see more people - we had about 30 kids tonight - it was a blast. My kids tell me that I should run for mayor - I think after tonight I will consider that!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Things to do when you are awake at 4:30 in the morning

Well since I have been up for several hours, I thought that it would be fun to make a top ten list of things to do when you wake up at 4:30 am.

10. Take the dog outside - but do it quietly so you don't wake up the neighbors or your roommate that doesn't like dogs.
9. Check your email - as if people really send you messages at 4:30 in the morning.
8. Check to see who is on IM - again like other people are as crazy as you and are actually awake at 4:30 am.
7. Get the cat in - as you sit on the couch you realize that your cat is outside, but knowing that the dog and the cat don't get along you have to operate a stealth mission to get the cat in the house without the dog barking and waking up the roommate.
6. Cover the couch - since the furniture in my living room is dying I thought it would be nice to cover it with a sheet, because sheets are way cheaper than fabric and super way cheaper than furniture covers. I can make it one year with sheets, even if they look silly.
5. Check my myspace - my only new friend request was some band from Nashville and they had bad words on their site so they got the nix (is that how you spell that)
4. Check my facebook - I like facebook I am going to be honest - I actually like it much better than myspace, there are so many options for your page and it is easier to communicate with people and if used properly can be a great tool to stay connected with kids or catch up with long lost friends.
3. Watch Home star runner. It has been forever since I have watched a strong bad email. I even looked at the clothes, now that was funny. Strong bad did an email on 5th grade hygiene that was pretty funny.
2. Sent a message - I wonder if people actually look at the times that emails are posted, because if they do they are going to think that I pulled an all nighter.
1. Last but not least....I wrote a blog that I am not sure if anyone is going to read, but if you do infact read it, drop me a little note to say hello, because I am always curious who actually wants to read my thoughts!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My new NANO

So I have officially become cool....I finally have an Ipod and the best part - it was a gift!!! And motivation for me while I am training for my 30 mile walk. I just can't believe it - my very own ipod nano. You may be wondering what color - it is silver - no bells and whistles just a simple ipod - now all I need is one of those cool armbands so I don't get it all sweaty! Anyway - I just thought that I would write about how cool I now is funny to think that a little machine can make you cool!

Monday, August 27, 2007


Did I mention that I got a puppy a couple weeks ago? He is really cute and his name is Tucker! I love him to death. He makes me smile, except when he is biting my leg with his gator teeth!!! Anyway - he is a great pup 22 out of 24 hours a day!

If you ever get bored and want to come play with him you are more than welcome to do so!!!

Technology Whoas!!!

Okay so can you believe it - two post in less than three days - Joel watch out - I may just become hooked like you! Anyway - so a very sad thing happened in technology land on Sunday. Out of the kindness of my heart I turned my cell phone off at church so it would not interfere with the hearing impaired sound system. Nice person, huh! Yeah that is what I thought until my phone decided not to turn back on....I tried everything, but nothing would work and of course we were having two youth events that day and people were trying to find me and I have no long distance on my home phone and yeah...let's just say a mess! So I went to a store this morning to get it fixed and they said, sorry we only can fix it if you got it here - WHAT ahahahhahahha!!! (that is the steroids talking!) So then I drove to the mall later this evening and the man was very nice, he gave me a brand new phone. The only problem was he could not get anything off the other phone, it had gone to the grave and taken every single, number, picture and song with it!!! Ughhhhh!!! I guess no more "Jack Johnson - Upside down" when people call - no more cute little kids when I open the phone.

So I guess the moral of the story is that they now have this thing where you can register your phone numbers online in a safe database so if this happens you will have all your numbers. But of course I didn't know about this - so I lost everything - so yeah - if you know me and we talk sometimes you might want to call and give me your number so we can still be friends!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A reflective serious post

So as much as I was planning to do at least a post every week - life sometimes throws you for a loop. I guess I have been avoiding making posts over the last couple of weeks, because I knew they would not be fun and jovial so I figured I shouldn't write, but the more I sit here on my couch and think about it, the more I realize, that maybe this is the best time to write a here it is! My blog, you know know this year has been a rough year, much rougher than I could have ever imagined. I never expected to become ill, to recieve the diagnosis of MS or have what I considered a nice normal active life fall completely apart in front of my face.

I have hated this year at times, I have grown immensely this year at times, I have been close to God at times, and I have just yelled at God at times. I laugh and I cry, I reflect and I re-evaluate constantly.

This past month I had another flare up of my MS - not good when your hands don't work, you drop things, you can't type, and it feels like you have your hands inside the oven, which led them to find my newest lesion on my spinal cord - fun stuff - okay not really, but hey I am trying to be positive.

This week I have spent alot of quality time at the hospital making new friends with the infusion department - they are wonderful people and after 5 days of 2 hour steroid IVs you get to know them pretty well. Some people love steroids because it gives them energy - me....not so much - I get sick - dizzy ill and I can't sleep, not to forget the great side effects of emotional roller coasters and "roid rage" don't worry I have yet to beat up anyone today anyway.

Despite not sleeping and spending the week on the couch I was able to accomplish alot of stuff - delegation is my new favorite thing! I also got to hang out with alot of my kids as they came over to help out and play with my new puppy Tucker.

The down fall to the whole thing is that despite feeling loved and having company there is still this feeling of being alone in this whole thing - that is rough - now again - this is probably my steroids talking for me - but it is hard to sit here alone when your family is all together celebrating your nephews first birthday - that really stinks. Or all your friends are out enjoying a night of camping and your are on the couch. Worse yet - when you have friends that don't seem to even care - when I know that is not the case - it is just that is how I feel - one of my friends just tells me to stop feeling because I am acting like a girl, but hey I am a girl.

So I am not sure if this is helping me or making me more unsettled in the emotions category - I hate being this way because I know that it is not me and it stinks. I hate drugs. But yet if it makes my hands work - then it is worth it! So the moral of this whole blog is - don't take steroids unless you really need them and don't do drugs they will mess with your mind and don't get MS because it really sucks.

The end!