Tuesday, June 12, 2007


So I have not been very good at Blogging despite my great intentions!!! I do have a great friend who sends me nice gentle reminders that it is in fact time again to blog - thanks Joel!! You are my motivation and inspiration to be a good blogger. I thought that my next blog would be about all the stuff that is going on with my life from a medical standpoint, but to be honest - I am not ready to do that...so instead - I am going to vent for a moment - but just a short moment then back to the reality of having too much to do and not enough time. So I have about 20 hours of work to get done before tomorrow at 2pm and let's just say there isn't even that much time if I didn't sleep. This being sick one day a week really messes up your schedule. So yeah! The list of stuff to do keeps getting longer, and my brain keeps getting smaller. Anyway - I am going to take a side moment to mention the picture that I have included... it was from a great trip which I will chat about later but it seems kinda funny to be sitting in the trunk of a car talking on a cell phone right next to the Arkansas river... oh I wish I could go back to that place - that trunk was huge and confortable - no worries I wasn't shut in it just resting in with the trunk open. Anyway - those are my thoughts for the moment! Joel have a great day!