Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yet another!

Yet another what you may be asking yourself. Well I am sure that I can come up with many yet yet another frustrating day of dealing with technology that doesn't work....yet another fun experience dealing with crazy tennis coaches from other schools that think they are always right and everyone else is always wrong (okay I didn't deal with her directly but her attitude affects one of my boys so that affects me!) Yet another trip in our van without seats, because someone (not mentioning any names) did not put the seats back in. Yet another obedience class has come and gone - however Tucker was much better today - must be because Samantha came along.... and the real yet another...drugs. Yes - this whole message is about drugs. I went to the doctor today and they put me on yet another medication. I actually don't even know what it is called...all I know is that it is supposed to help me from getting yet another migraine, it is also supposed to help me sleep and be less stressed as well as not be so stinkin tired all the time. So yet again I find myself complaining about yet another treatment when in reality I should just be thankful that treatments are available. So yeah - this is yet another blog about my frustrations and ventings about having MS - it sucks I don't recommend you trying it!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy 101th Post!!!

I just saw on my dashboard that this is my 101th post!! Go me!!! I am now an official blogger extrodinaire!!! (and I can't spell!) So it may be a couple days before I blog again because my office computer crashed and now my laptap refuses to be powered by its brand new power cord that cost $140!!!! Awwwhhwhwhhww!!! (that is me screaming clean frustration words!!!)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thinking Happy Thoughts!

That is my goal today - think happy thoughts, don't focus on the fact that I still have a headache and a hangover from my shot (my MS shot, not an alcoholic one), but it is a beautiful day outside, I am getting some things done. I have a massage scheduled so I am hoping that will make my body feel better. And then at the end of the day I am can rest! Celebrate the good days! And tolerate the rough days, even when they are really bad!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Can't Sleep!

So it is the second night in a row that I have not been able to fall asleep. Last night I was in bed at 8pm - and watched a movie - couldn't sleep, so I watched a little Gilmore Girls - still couldn't sleep. At 2am I finally fell asleep...then tonight - I was exhausted all day, the sun, the heat, I mowed my lawn, tried to hit some tennis balls - almost passed out...then I went to Young Life - finally at 10pm I was in bed ready for the night - but couldn't sleep, so I watched finished watching season five of Gilmore the way what a horrible way to end the season!!! Since I am still up I should just start season six to find out what happens...but I will refrain since my head hurts! Anyway - I am going to try to sleep again.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nim's Island

This is a cute movie - it has action, drama, laughter, and it is good for the whole family. I don't think I heard one curse word, and little, if any, questionable material. I would definately recommend it. It is like a adventure book and a movie all wrapped together. It was very creative and somewhat whimsical (that is a fun word!) And best yet - I got to watch it from a couch at the campus theater!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sibling Rivalry

So this past weekend at our Branching Out retreat we had a little family reunion for Tucker...he got to see his little sister Molly for the first time in 8 months. It was funny to see how much bigger Tucker is, it was also funny to see how Molly put Tucker in his place...I guess she is a typical woman! Anyway - it was fun to see them play together! Although in the pictures above - Tucker is definately the boss!

Oh Victory!

I finished the walk - wow a whole four miles - I am so proud of myself. Okay I guess I am being a bit sarcastic...(I am guessing that surprises many of you!) I am glad that I did it, frustrated that I needed my friend to help me through it (thanks Jeanne!) But I guess what frustrates me is that last year I did it and I felt great. This year I was lucky to finish...this is going to sound ridiculous, but my life goal is to run (or complete) a marathon - how am I ever going to be able to do that when I can barely walk four miles! So this is one of those moments I just need to be thankful that I can walk and I am doing as well as I am, and not compare myself to what I used to be, because the past is the past. Anyway - I big thank you to all my friends that walked yesterday! It means so much to me that you were willing to walk, and for my friend Meg - those four miles were for you! Thanks for your support!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Lewisburg MS Walk

Hey Friends if anyone is in the area and free this weekend - join us for the Lewisburg MS walk. We already have a team together called the J-Crew. You are welcome to come and join our team and walk, but if you can't walk but would like to make a donation you can go to and look for information about how to donate towards a walker or a team. Please don't feel obligated, just wanted to pass along the information. The walk will take place this Sunday at 3pm at the Lewisburg American Legion. It is a four mile walk, let's see if I can make it to the finish!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A venting moment

So I have been avoiding blogging a bit this week, because I didn't really have anything good to say. Then I realized that it is my blog so I can pretty much write about what I want, I just have to do it in a way that does not reveal names or confidential information. This week I can honestly say that I do not enjoy fact had you asked me yesterday I would have used the "hate" word. My doctors told me that stress is not good for me, that I need to rest more and reduce my hours. Yet I used to love fact it gave me energy...I loved working with the kids, I loved giving them instruction and encouragement. This week I have felt the opposite. I feel as though I have been beaten up, all for the sake of trying to love kids and teach them the importance of structure, and respect.

I actually don't care whether we win or lose (it is kinda fun to win sometimes) I just want to have a nice group of guys that care about the sport, that care about each other, and that show respect for what their coaches. Maybe this is just a faze for me and I will change my mind later, but I just don't know how long I can continue to coach when it makes be feel so beat up.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Branching Out Retreat

It has been a week!!! I didn't know so many crazy things could happen in one week, but if I were to have written any blogs this week, I am not sure they would have been fun to read, so I chose to keep my thoughts to myself. However the highlight of the crazy week was a weekend with my middle school kids. There are a few kids missing from this picture because they had to leave early. However I did where one of their jackets in honor of them. I am just impressed that it fit me. Anyway - we climbed walls, did initiatives, did our second annual mattress jumping contest - with a quartet of boys doing a very bad version of the national anthem. We talked about Risk-Taking Faith - Daniel, Rack, Shack, and Benny. It was a great time with the kids, despite the fact that I could hardly talk...yet God gave me a voice when it came time to doing the lesson! Anyway - it was a great weekend! I love my kids and their child like faith, they love to sing, they love to pray, and they love to talk about Jesus - I pray that they don't grow out of that - like so many people!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Impact 2008

I would have to say that I am still trying to recover from my weekend at the Beach with my kids. We had a great time! Our kids were challenged by some great speakers. The worship was great, as were the skit guys! There was also a guy there that painted while we sang, check out the picture below - it is amazing!