Monday, September 29, 2008

The Ring

Well it has been several weeks since I have written and to be honest - the reason....I have been planning a wedding!!!! I would have blogged about the engagement sooner but I wanted to wait until I got my gorgeous ring!!! I have included a picture...the picture is not the best quality and does not do my ring the justice that it deserves however...I think you will see just how beautiful it is. Joel and I are so excited about getting married...the planning is going fairly well so far, we just need to get a florist and a caterer, oh and we need to pick out some music - so if you have any suggestions for good, clean, but fun dancing songs feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. Our wedding date is Dec. 13th - less than 3 months - so crazy, but so exciting!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Pink Brothel

A fun title for a fun a couple weeks ago, I decided to go along with Joel to a football meeting in Wilkes Barre (sometimes that is the only time we get to see each other, especially during football season) Anyway - it was nice to be able to chat and catch up a bit. But back to the Pink Brothel....we found a well lite parking lot and I did some work in the van while he was at his what was to be brief meeting..(over an hour) As I sat there I looked out the window and realized that I was staring at the largest pink house I have ever seen in my life...had it been another color it would have been amazing. Anyway as I sat there one of my friends called and I was telling him about the pink house and he said, isn't that the brothel house that was in the news....hmmmm - I wonder, anyway - I just thought that it was funny that I was in the parking lot of a random town looking at a pink house.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Relief Finally

So as I was just looking back at many of my recent blogs about the steroids and the treatments and such I was realizing that I didn't really follow-up in the past week with some great news....they worked!!! They meaning the steroids. For the first time in months I feel good (at least my body does!) I can take Tucker for a walk - which makes him and therefore me very happy. I cleaned my bathroom closet, my hutch, part of my office, I have been like super woman on these just feels so good to finally feel good.....but with the good does come some continued side effects...the racing feeling of my heart, the anxious thoughts, and feeling like I am running around and talking at mock speeds, but to me that is a small price to pay when I finally feel good physically. So if you ask me to go for a walk - I will probably say yes, but I must warn you...I may not be nice (but it's the steroids I promise, well a little of my own fistyness!)

Labor Day Family Fun

Two weekends in a row I got to see my niece and nephew, Kamyrn and Hayes, however this weekend I got to see both of my nieces and nephews and get a few pictures which is nice because my mom always wants a picture of the grandkids for her Christmas card. Anyway you will see below some pictures of the kids.