Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Out Of Control

Did you ever return from being away for two weeks and feel like your life is out of control - that is me! After two weeks of grad classes I am finally home and realizing that I have more to do than I have time. I have projects at work to finish - I am speaking at a retreat this weekend - I am having a party for a friend - wow - I all of sudden feel swamped.... did I mention that I am having kids over for breakfast tomorrow morning and you can't see my dining room table and oh what there is a party tonight that I need to attend! Oh my!!! That is just my schedule - there is also mishaps to deal with as well...

Like overdrawing my checking account while I was away because my paycheck didn't post in time, and how about the my kids at SPY were not very well behaved while I was gone and now I am dealing with the fall out of that....It almost makes you want to go away again... but it is nice to finally sleep in my own bed, did I say sleep because - my dear cat Boo kept me up all night - I think she is mad that I went away - a cat mad - that is a whole other story for another time.

It is 5:20 and I am still at work I wonder how long it will take to print 50 books each with 166 pages? I bet it is going to take until 10pm tonight at the earliest - so back to songbooks I go with a reminder from Psalms 46 - God is my refuge and strength!!!