Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hello Posh Workcamp!

So as I began thinking about spending another week at workcamp - there was a little part of me that was not looking forward to sleeping on the floor, being hot in a gym with no air conditioning, and eating another round of camp food.....however....God must have heard my prayers because, I am living first class this week!

My room has air conditioning, I have a real bed, with my own room, and my very own bathroom!

Program area - large room - pretty tight and not your typical room, we are going to have to be very creative as we go through the weekly programs. However - it has air conditioning! Praise the Lord!

And last but not least - the food is amazing!!! Lots of choices, hand dipped ice cream and real lettuce - that is actually green, dark green!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Farewell Clearfield, Hello Scranton!

As the week at Clearfield workcamp has come to a close, I am doing laundry, napping, and getting all the supplies ready for my next camp which starts tomorrow - that's right back to back camps! I can imagine right now you are saying - why on earth would you do that? You need to rest! You are right I do need to rest, however due to an injury this week of another MC (my beloved Stephanie) Group needed to find someone in two days that would be able to do a camp in Pennsylvania. So that's why I am off to do another camp!

A couple of good things - they let me sleep in my own bed tonight and show up early tomorrow morning - that is a praise! This next camp is on a college campus, so I get my own bed (instead of an air mattress!) And best of all the bedrooms have air conditioning! Praise God for that!

It is a bit of a whirlwind, but I have slept a lot today, and I am soon heading to bed, I am all packed, and ready I do believe! My hubby is off at a game with his students, we got to spend a couple hours together - that too was a blessing! He is so supportive of me and my ministry!

Now as I close this blog here are a few pictures from the week!

We collected 4017 cans of food to donate to the local food bank then made a huge chain of students to get it loaded! Super cool!

Doing my MC duties - speaking each morning and night - oh and song leading too - Jori had to leave early because she is a flex - it was a bit tiring, wish I had more energy!

One of the favorites of the week was our bus driver, is name is Ishmeal and he took several crews to their sites daily! When I was talking to him, he mentioned that someone from one of the little towns called Houtzdale - called his company in Chicago and reported that he must be lost because busses don't come to their town - it was so funny!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Checking in at Workcamp

Jana is the queen of giving out candy and I am sure the kids love it!  Jana says this pic was taken at check in today.  As crews return to the school, the staff interviews them to check their progress, find out about their crews' devotions, listen to "God Sightings", etc.  And, Jana always makes sure there is always something sweet to eat available. 

Workcamp Week Update

This week has been amazing, draining, but amazing! It has been great to see how God is working in the lives of our campers and also the residents! I have really enjoyed being here in a town that I used to live. It is fun to see familiar names and faces as I walk through the halls of the school. It brings back some really great memories! Things are going very smoothly for the most part, a few Opportunities (that is what our director calls challenging times - I love it!) but as a whole great times! It is hard to believe that it is Thursday already! Today is a big day as we focus on Faith today. So if you think of it and would like to pray for me as I present the message of Jesus tonight. I am so honored that I get to be part of God's big picture!

I am hoping to have some pictures up in the next few days! So keep checking back! And a big thank you to my wonderful husband who drove to see me on Tuesday - I am blessed. He is also taking care of the kids (Tucker and Boo), or at least I hope he is! He is taking care of the house and watering my flowers! Thanks so much Joel, your support is the backbone of my ministry! Keep checking back for updates!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Video Blog From Camp

Jana sent a video report about Group Workcamps' Clearfield week!

Monday, June 21, 2010

M&Ms and Tiger Lilies

The song from Sound of Music – favorite things just seems to be going through my head as I write this blog, except instead of raindrop on rose and whiskers on kittens.  It would be pretzels in candy & orange on lilies.

As I was driving to workcamp yesterday – I had a nice two hour drive to reflect and think and listen to music and stand in awe of God’s amazing handiwork (okay well I was sitting because I was driving but you know what I mean).  The two things that jump out at me on the trip here were – the new pretzel M & Ms and the tiger lilies. 

I have always loved Tiger Lilies – I had a patch in my back yard at my Lewisburg house.  They are so vibrant and colorful.  The first half of my trip was filled with Tiger Lilies – it is such a happy flower.

Now to the M & Ms – pretzel one – I didn’t even know there was such a thing!  And they are good.  They are in a blue bag and I got mine at Sheetz- you should check them out!

The Work Begins in Clearfield, PA

Here is a pic of one of the kids at Group Workcamp Foundations week at Clearfield, PA.  Things seem to be going good so far.  Keep praying for us!   

This is from a twitter Jana sent out.  Follow Jana on Twitter.  

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day One of Workcamp . . . With No Ethernet Cable!

Just got a call from Jana.  She doesn't have internet service without an Ethernet cord, which, she didn't take with her.  She might get one tomorrow or soon?  Until then, she won't be able to post here.  However, she wanted you all to know that things went pretty well today (Sunday) at Group Workcamp in Clearfield, PA.  With no A/C she didn't get a lot of relief from the heat, but she seems to be doing okay - tired, but okay.

She did send a twitter today with pic (below).  The caption was "This is my job today at Workcamp"  I was glad to see she had the opportunity to sit down!

 Look for more information later this week after Jana gets an Ethernet cable!

Joel for Jana

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Church Camp

To say it mildly - Camp has changed my life! I am sure that I wouldn't be where I am today if it had not been for my Aunt Carol who invited my mom to bring all five of us crazy youngins to go to family camp at Mission Meadows on Chautauqua Lake in NY. Needless to say I fell in love with camp, but better yet I fell in love with Jesus thanks to hearing the good news while at camp. I continued to go all through elementary and high school until I was finally old enough to be on Staff! I worked at camp for three years and it was life changing - the friendships that I had made transformed me into a better person, and left me with some amazing memories!

After my time at Mission Meadows I spent a summer working at Messiah Pool which was fun and filled with memories, but definately not camp.

Then I was able to work at a camp in Massachusetts called Lakeside! Let the fun times begin! I am not sure I have ever laughed so hard or so often. I spent a lot of time in the mucky lake, with the occasional leech that got stuck between my toes. Although that was minor compared to all the amazing memories that I was able to be a part of that summer!

Then after I grew up or at least graduated and got a real job I got connected with a camp called Krislund - I would spend my summers there as I taught during the school year. The outdoor adventure setting was so cool to experience life in God's creation. My summer as program director was one of the hardest yet one of the most rewarding summers. I even ended up having red hair after that one!

I am remenising about my camp experience today because I got to go visit a hidden treasure right here in our own back yard - okay not our back yard but within 50 minutes and in our county. That was the Christian Retreat Center! Really cool to spend the day there with Brian Ford, having lunch, taking a tour, and sharing ministry moments.

If you live in this area - check out that camp, if you don't check out a camp near you - consider how you might get involved in supporting or using that camp to do ministry, or to be challenged in your faith! For me it changed my life - what will it do for you?

Back to Blogging

I'm back - watch out - with my new found time to focus on my ministry I am re-upping my commitment to blog on a regular or a semi-regular basis! As I looked back at my last blogs I realized that it has been a long time! So be on the watch for more blogs, updated on a weekly basis (I am starting out with small, reachable goals!)

Also I will be working to update my new Taraja Ministry Newsletter. My goal is to have it out by the first day of each month - however, sometimes I don't do well with that personal deadline. It is now the middle of June and I am hoping to publish my newsletter tomorrow - you need to check and keep me accountable for this!

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