Thursday, February 26, 2009

First Day at NYMC

So the morning started out a little flight was changed to an earlier time, almost missed the flight - they were going to charge me 15 for my luggage - so I took a pair of essentials and sent the suitcase with my husband...a little awkward to do that in the middle of the check in station at the airport. Quickly headed through security just to find out that my husband's bag actually had contraband in it and all the contents had to be spread out all over the table including my essentials...then I have to hurry to the plane that left at 10:20 instead of 11:15 as mentioned on my itinerary. Needless to say I was the last one on the plane.

In between flights - I got a call from the bank stating I had overdrawn by 200 dollars - wow fun stuff when you are in a different state, but thank goodness my husband was able to save my butt on that one...too bad for late fees.

I arrived in Columbus early , but was pleasantly surprised to find a couple guys with conference signs who were helping us get to the hotel without taking a cab....thank goodness. I avoided my first cab trip thanks to my new friends Troy, Denton, and Jeff (there was another guy too but I can't remember his name, sorry!) We had a great time.

It was so fun to have all the affinity group leaders back together again - I forgot how much they make me laugh - I can't wait until tomorrow. It is going to be a great day! I am however a little nervous about the 8000 cheerleaders who are in the ball room right next to ours....hmmm that could be very interesting. Last year it was the cat convention this year it is the cheerleading convention.

Fun Times In Columbus!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

National Youth Workers Convention

So tomorrow morning my plane takes off for Columbus OH - I am so excited about this conference, it is so different than any other conference that I have ever is relaxing, but still informative, and renewing all at the same time. The goal is that is would be more of a conversation, instead of a sit in chair and soak it all in type of thing. The speakers are real genuine people that care for you whether you work for a church full time or part time, or volunteer...they care about you if you work for a mini church or a mega church. I am honored to be a part of this organization that cares so much for the souls of those that are called to love teenagers and college students. Keep checking back throughout the conference for updates as the weekend progresses...I am looking forward to Caedmon's Call - I would just love to meet them...we will see if that can happen! I will keep you posted. I will also be Twittering while there so check me out on

Friday, February 13, 2009


First an apology for being so delinqent on my blogging, as you can imagine I have been crazy busy making so many transitions over these last two months. And speaking of two months two marks the milestone of two months of wedded bliss! Which is why I chose the title that I did for this special blog.

Last night I decided to have a girl's night for my five new nieces. We had dinner and dessert and then make giant kisses with chocolate and filling. As you can imagine, there was chocolate all over the place in the kitchen and dining room and lots of dishes to say the least. I went to bed knowing that tomorrow after work I would be cleaning frantically to get ready for our house guests who are watching our pets this weekend, while we attend a marriage conference. (PS Thanks so much Andrea and family - you are the best!)

Anyway - I left this morning before my husband got up and went to Lewisburg for work, after work I rushed back home knowing that I had a ton to clean and pack and all that fun stuff.

As I walked through the door, I noticed flowers on the table, beautiful white lillies, just like I had in my bouquet at our wedding, with a card from my husband wishing me a Happy Two Month Anniversary, I almost cried, however there is more, I looked up and noticed there were clean dishes lining the dining room table, I rushed to the kitchen and found all of the dishes in the sink were cleaned, the kitchen was spotless (besides the boxes that still need to be unpacked) I almost couldn't hold the tears back, I think that was one of the most romantic things that my husband could have ever done for me, I love the flowers, but the dishes sent me right out the door, down to his office to thank him, what a man.... little did I know that had I walked a little further I would have found the bed stripped and the sheets washed and ready to be made......oh my goodness, I can't believe what a great guy he is!

And to just add to this he wrote a blog this morning about "Different but better" how things have to change when you get married, and before he sent it, he had someone else read it to be sure that I wouldn't be upset by it, wow - did I find myself an AMAZING MAN or what.

I am so excited to be married to this man, and it was well worth the wait and I can't wait for the next two months, two years, and two decades that I get the priviledge to be called Mrs. Joel Snyder.