Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Auntie Grantie!!!!

Yes!!!! It is true I am going to be aunt again! This time it is my little brother Dan and his lovely wife Krissy! The new little one will be joining us in January! I know that some of you may not be quite as excited as me but a new life is something to be excited about, especially when I get to be the aunt that spoils this new little one!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bouncy Fun!!!

Last week we took our kids to this new Trampoline Complex in Selinsgrove. Let's just say I lasted about 5 minutes and then had to sit down, but those five minutes were definately fun filled. Check out some of our pictures (The one of Braedon is the best!!!)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Smash-O-Rama 2008

What a fun night! We dropped some really fun things from this cherry picker. I must say that I was a bit scared going up but what a rush to drop a TV from 30 feet in the air and watch it smash on the ground with 30 kids cheering in the distance! In the pictures you will see the TV that I dropped, Braedon dropping a TV (I would have put my picture, but his was cooler, and the best picture which was a grape soda bottle exploding after it bounced off the ground.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Finally a good day!!!

It has been a long time coming...a good fact I was about to resign to the fact that I was not going to be able to have much energy for the rest of my life...that's the mind games that my MS plays on me. But when all you ever feel is tired it is no surprise that a person gets down in the dumps and feels as if things will never change, right? Well right or wrong that is how I have been feeling for over two months now. I have had so many bad days in the last month that I had to start taking a new medication to see if I can get through a week without having to spend at least one day in bed.

So with all of that being said...Monday I had a great day! I felt almost normal for the entire day, I played in a golf tournament and I didn't get dizzy or faint once, my hands didn't hurt and my eye wasn't stupid...all reasons to celebrate! Then I had a nice dinner. After dinner I found out that I was the lucky winner of 4 tickets to the Penn State Temple game next year (my dad is so excited!). Then I went to a Arbonne party and had a facial that was fun, and I topped the evening off with a little Gilmore Girls with a friend - if it hadn't been for having to take my shot that night - it would have almost made perfect day status!

So rejoice in the good days for they are what gets me through!