Monday, August 30, 2010

Peggy's Cove

When we asked people where we needed to go while in Nova Scotia - everyone said - Peggy's Cove - everyone! Well we went and wow - what a majestic display of God's awesomeness! We were there for a few hours, watching as the tide came in and stayed through high tide.

The other really cool part is that I was really hoping while in Nova Scotia to hear bagpipes because of the Gaelic influence in the area...well as we pulled into the Peggy's Cove parking lot I heard pipes and much to my excitement - Bagpipes in front of Peggy's Cove! It was awesome - you could hear them in the background as we watched the waves! It was awesome. (There was also another whimsical woman playing her accordian and singing by the lighthouse, but she was .... let's just say whimsical!)

Check out some cool pictures of the day!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Canadian National Park - Kejimikujik

Today on our way across the Route 8 Scenic Drive through the middle of Nova Scotia we came to the Kejimikujik National Park. I still can't pronounce it - some of the locals call is Kedgee. It was much smaller than the Acadia National Park that we had been in earlier this week, but it was beautiful none the less. It was filled with streams and lakes, and beautiful scenic walkways. We spend a couple hours there and even enjoyed a picnic lunch.

The most interesting thing about the park was that the water was tea colored. Due to the water running over the rocks it turns it brown. I have attached a picture that explains it.

We also got to see a beautiful deer! So of course I took several pictures of that as well!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ocean Hillside Bed & Breakfast

I picked a winner! That is what Joel said as we walked into our room at our bed and breakfast. We have a patio that overlooks the Bay of Fundy and a canopy bed, living room, and bathroom with a jacuzzi tub - which works great! While relaxing tonight I sampled a Blueberry Soda from Bar Harbor - it was like drinking a Blueberry Muffin - good stuff. Anyway - here are some pics of our lodging facility - please don't be jealous - it was cheaper than all of our hotel stays! I will let you know about breakfast tomorrow!

A few things I have noticed!

Number one - Canadian's must love Heinz ketchup as much as I do - check out the size of their ketchup packets. I took it next to a hotel card so you could see the size. They are amazing!!!

The second thing - is that most all the houses that I have seen in Maine and in Canada are made of Cedar siding - I wonder if there is a reason - maybe I should google it - or maybe you know the reason already and you just want to message it to me. Either way I still find it interesting.

And lastly - the signs here in Canada are funny! Do you really need a sign to tell you what to do with dog doo doo - isn't it obvious? I guess that we have obvious signs as well - I just found this one humorous!

Back Road Adventures

The quickest route from Bar Harbor to St. John New Brunswick was quite the secluded roadway. We took route 3 then 178 (I think) and then got on Route 9 to Canada. Along the way we had great conversation, much of the conversation included laughter about crazy things that we saw along the way. These sites were so funny to us that we actually stopped in the middle of the road, turned around and drove back just to take a picture. You may or may not find them funny, but just picture yourself driving and looking out your window to see these things.

These are the top four....

Seriously this is one of our favorites...there were no houses for miles, just a road with spruce trees on both sides, then this marsh area....with dead trees every where... there isn't even room to go "swimin" oh my! Seriously!

The second site was this mailbox. Joel found this hilarious! I found it even more funny when we looked at the road after the mailbox - again you must remember that there were no houses for miles.

The third sighting was an outhouse... in a field - with nothing around it - seriously nothing!

And our last sighting - a drilling truck...on a pole in someone's front yard... across the road there were four or five old tractors on poles. And I thought the pink flamingoes in our neighbor's yard were a bad lawn ornament!

These were just a few of our favorites. Also last night upon arriving in St. John NB - we went to the Reversing Falls and had dinner overlooking this phenomanon where the water actually changes directions - while we were there the current was going in both directions creating whirlpools. Check out to read about that.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Acadia National Park

Majestic - that is the word that I would use to describe the sites that we saw yesterday. We decided to do an audio tour - it cost $12.95 and it was well worth it - if any of you are coming to Maine we would be happy to share it with you. It let us drive at our own pace and explore as we wished. It was an amazing day - it took us about 5 hours to go through the park. We took a couple little hikes and saw some amazing things that God created. I don't know how you can look at this park and not believe in a God that created this world! Wow - it was amazing. To get a slide show of our trip check out Joel's Blog It is a video slide show with music and everything. I will just include a couple of my favorite picks of the day. Also check later on facebook for all my pictures.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Vacation - 2010 Maine/Nova Scotia

We have arrived! I took us a bit longer than we anticipated...however, part of the reason is that I really wanted to take the Route 1 Coastal scenic route - at least for a little while.... the view of the ocean was well worth the added three to four hours of our trip. We finally got to Bar Harbor around 7:30 to find our hotel to be top notch! Our pool is on the Ocean - so cool! Can't wait to go for a swim tomorrow - and take a tour of Acadia National Park! Check back for more about our trip!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A tasty treat at Knoebels

Last Friday was WGRC day at Knoebels. It was a perfect day - a nice breeze, the rains held off, and we enjoyed countless hours of music to honor the Creator! During the day the girls that won the Get Real Talent Competition showed their skills, and boy were they awesome!!!

Well later in the day was my time in the spotlight or should I say moment of madness! Because of a little competition I had to get a pie in the face in front of hundreds of onlookers!

Check out the picture, especially if you weren't there to enjoy the fun!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Group Workcamp Variety Shows

Throughout the summer I was able to be a part of four different variety shows at workcamp - each one was drastically different, but utterly amazing! Check out this video of some dueling violins from Brighton TN workcamp.

Check out this other video of what happens when you don't have enough people sign up for the variety show at Scranton Workcamp