Friday, August 19, 2011

Mom's Are the Best

As I prepare to become a mom in less than three weeks I am reminded how greatful I am that I have an amazing mom!  Last week I was so blessed that my mom was able to come for five days and help me get things ready for our little one.

There was no job that was too big or small for her - she was worker bee!!  She helped me clean, organize, paint, do laundry, and pick out some things for the nursery.   She even helped us move our bookshelf and she dusted and cleaned the whole shelf.

She had great ideas and she was willing to help me figure out some things I just had no idea what to do with - the office for instance!

It seems as though becoming a mom has drawn me closer to my mom - that I am so thankful for.  She is an amazing woman and I hope that I will be able to raise my little girl in the same way my mom raised her five children.  

It was hard to see my mom go home - but I think she will be excited next time she visits to see how great the nursery looks - especially with her little granddaughter in it.

Thanks again Mom you are the best!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A birthday Party!

So today the coolest thing happened.  I was sitting in the parking lot at CVS and I got a phone call from a family at our church.  She was calling because she wanted to invite us to her youngest daughter's birthday party, but truth be told.... the only reason we were invited to attend was because our "son" was on the guest list.

Can you believe it - Tucker was invited to a four year old's birthday party!  I hope she doesn't think he is a pony and try to have all her ride him....hahaha!  She just loves Tucker so we are planning to attend with him.

I will hopefully have a few pictures from the party to share later so check back on Monday!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

It only took 3 years!!!

Today marked a momentous occasion for me!  After three years, I finally finished reading through the Old Testament of the Bible.  There is a part of me that is a little embarrassed that it took me three years to complete this, and it took me this long in my Christian walk to make reading through the Bible a goal of mine.... but then there is the other side - I finally did it!

God's word is so full of instruction for us, and as a young Christian I often avoided reading the Old Testament because I just didn't understand it.  Don't get me wrong there is so much that I still don't understand but there is so much in the Old Testament that needs to be read and understood so you can better understand how important Jesus' sacrifice is in the New Testament.

Tomorrow I will start the chronological journey through the New Testament and I am looking forward to seeing how the Gospels flow with one another.

If you have never read through the Bible - I really encourage you to do so!  Here are a couple tips that I found useful and maybe they will help you also!

1.  During your first time reading through the Bible - choose a chronological Bible that has daily readings - although I often didn't finish a whole days reading at a time, it was great to see it in the order that it happened to better understand the content.

2.  If you start to get behind, don't get frustrated and start over.  I can't tell you how many times I started over in Genesis, but you have to just keep on keeping on - don't worry that the dates on the top of the page don't match the actual date you are reading - just keep reading.

3.  The first time you read through - don't try to study or understand everything.  I just tried to read a section and be able to summarize it - My goal is to go back through many more times, but the more I read the more I study.  This time of reading was for getting familiar with the content.

Hope these tips are helpful for you as you journey through reading God's word!