Monday, April 06, 2009

More than 10 years oh my!

I just got an email from my alma mater (does anyone else think that is a weird word?) Anyway it was to update our files so they can post a new directory. One of the sections asked you to write in 300 words or less what has happened in your life since graduation.... how do you put 12 years of your life in 300 words or less....well this is what I wrote, do you think that sums it up pretty well ??? Let me know what you think.

It seems as though I just graduated yesterday, however it has been more than ten years since I was a Messiah student. After graduating from college, I taught Health and Physical Education for five years in Clearfield, PA. Then I moved to Lewisburg PA to work for a church, where I served as the Youth Director for the last 7 years. During my time at the church I was diagnosed with Multiple Schlerosis, that has been a very challenging experience, however very faith empowering, as I depend each day on God's strength to keep moving. Most recently I got married to Joel Snyder, a youth pastor at a church in Richfield, PA. I have recently left my youth director position at the church to join my husband as a volunteer in his youth ministry. My time is now spent traveling, speaking at seminars, teaching at the local schools, and counseling teens and couples. It is amazing to see where God can take you in ten years.