Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Camps Galore

It has been awhile since my last update (almost a month).  Before I give an update I would just like to say thank you to the countless people who have been praying for me - I am so grateful for you support and encouragement.  God has been working and I am so blessed!  Sometimes pictures speak volumes more than my words can..... so after my update I will give you a little glimpse of what my last month has looked like. 

My health has improved drastically over the past month.  Things that I wouldn't have been able to do a month ago - such as walk to the park, or carry loaded laundry baskets, I am now able to do without too much adrenaline being released in my body (think tight throat and chest, shortness of breath).  I am able to help lead worship again at church (though singing high is a bit of a struggle still).  I am able to make it through larger periods of time without having to sit down and take a break.  It is a wonderful improvement.

Twenty steps forward, three steps back.  With improvements, also comes the reality checks.  In feeling better I was doing more, being a little (I mean very little) less strict with my sugar intake, and resting less, which in turn caused some set backs.  The anxiety felt as though it was creeping back in... I described it to my Doctor as a Gray cloud (which is much better than the storm cloud that I was feeling before) but noticable enough that I began to get concerned that I was regressing.  I was also having more issues with my adrenals and histamines filling my throat and my chest... I feeling that I will not miss when it is finally gone.  My doctor increased my one supplement and told me no sugar.... like I said I thought I was being good but I cheated a little and boy did it make a noticable difference.  I didn't notice anything with my stomach so I thought I was good, but he told me that I can only do natural sugars and I have to always eat them with a protein or a fat.

I have been very strict this week on my diet which is still a modified AIP diet (Auto Immune Protocol) with a low histamine diet.  Basically veggies and meat with a little fruit and some gluten free and dairy products thrown into the mix every now and then. 

Now about my summer - I am so thankful for God's continuing to heal my body which has allowed me to speak and serve at several camps this summer.  I did have to back out of one camp which made my heart sad but so thankful my husband took me up to visit the Group Workcamp in Scranton PA and also thankful for my friend DKB for stepping in for me and letting me tag along on site visits.  I was even able to see many past campers and that brought my heart great joy!

DKB MCing at Scranton Workcamp

At the end of July I got to do a 12-13 year old camp at CRC.  We looked at Surprising Stories of Jesus.  It was a great week and Ella had a blast hanging out with the cabins. 

Learning about Lazarus

Enjoying my favorite holiday at camp

Sharing what God taught them at camp

Right after that we headed to Smicksburg PA to Little Mahoning Bible Camp where a group from our church served for the week.  This was a family mission trip and we had a great time.  I was grateful to have a kindred spirit in the kitchen there to help with my food - she even made me a wonderful GF/DF cake for my birthday! 

Birthday selfie (or an Us-y as I call them)

My yummy birthday cake

Teaching them how to tye-dye

Enjoying some quality time with Rebecca and Becca - painting the bathroom entrance

Our mission team 

After that we came home for a week to enjoy our town's festival called Dutch Days - I was able to help in a few stands throughout the week, but did have to back out of one due to the intense heat (heat and adrenal fatigue do not mix! Thanks Fred for covering for me) 

Helping make potpie 

And this week I am once again serving at CRC (Christian Retreat Center in East Waterford, PA).  This place is a place that I have grown to love and feels like home.  The cook Mindy has taken my special eating plan as a challenge and creates some amazing dishes to spoil me with.  This week is TIMS (Together in Mission Service) and the theme is Holy Ground.  Join me in praying that God's word would challenge these students and leaders. 

Prayers are appreciated as later this week I will get all my updated blood work results, as well as prepare to head out to my last camp of the summer - our church camp.