Friday, January 28, 2011

Joy in Simplicity - #25

Today I thought I would do a nutritional simplicity blog..... as most people know by now. I am expecting! We are so excited! However due to a few minor complications I am on bed rest. But it will be so worth it. Tomorrow will be 8 weeks! I am hoping to start up my MS, baby, and me blog again soon. Maybe today - stay tuned for that.

Anyway - one of the things that tell you to do when you are pregnant is to drink lots of fluids - in fact - they want you to drink 64 oz. at day! Wow that is a lot! I must admit that for the first couple weeks I totally failed at that one. But I have turned over a new leaf and it makes a difference for sure.

I think in general we just don't drink enough water every day. I am going to be honest I would much rather a raspberry Ice Tea any day than water, but I have gone almost a whole month with not one Rasp. Ice Tea (because of the caffeine) I think I may have been a bit addicted - I love the stuff. But water is better.

How are your water drinking habits? A regular person (meaning non a pregnant person) needs to also drink 64 oz. of fluids a day...gosh where have I been - I have rarely ever done that, but to be honest I think it is making a difference and I am losing weight - just a few pounds which is healthy don't worry.

Consider the water challenge - try to see if you can for one week drink 64 oz. of water a day. I am guessing you will feel better, and save money all at once. Simple yes - life changing you better believe it!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jana! I've been enjoying your January posts. Drinking lots of water every day is something I try to do too, but I'm not always very successful. I thought it was funny that the ad at the bottom of the post was for Coke. :)