Friday, October 11, 2019

What Can you eat?

Many people ask me "what can you eat?"  Well here is a general list... 

I am out of the strict elimination phrase so I am now able to eat some grains as long as they are gluten free, tomatoes and potatoes on occasion and I have some caffeine with tea and intense dark chocolate (though I did just read that is not good for adrenal fatigue so I will probably be cutting that out as well for a while)  I also get asked a lot... "how long do you have to eat this way" or "do you have to do this forever"   The short answer is I have to do this for the next year at minimum... but my Dr. said, if you feel better eating this way - why would you change?  Good question. 

Others ask "don't you miss eating whatever you want?"  Yes - yes I do miss certain foods and I miss them a lot.  I miss bread, I miss pizza, I miss the convenience of picking up a sub quick from sheetz.  I miss Snicker's Bars and Dr. Pepper especially when I am having a crappy day.  I miss licorice when I am on a road trip.  I miss ice cream from Cruisers.  So the answer is yes, I miss a lot of things - but I don't miss feeling awful all the time.  I don't miss the panic attacks.  I don't miss the migraines (haven't had one in over 4 months).  I still do get teary eyed sometimes when I go to an event and can't eat a single thing.  I get frustrated at restaurants that say they have GF options and the option is a salad (Yes I do get tired of salads!)

Many also ask if I eat a lot of the same foods... the answer is yes.  I should eat much more of a variety and I was reminded of that this week when my friend Trish Hoffman did a 20 Plant Based food challenge.  It was a great reminder of the need for variety to get a variety of nutrients.  Some of the foods I eat often include.... mushrooms (I usually eat 3-4 containers of them a week), broccoli, cauliflower, carrots (raw), meat (all kinds though I should eat more fish).  I do also have a smoothie almost every morning which is coconut milk, a banana, and a variety of berries.  I have to be cautious with  my histamines so I still avoid spinach most of the time as well as strawberries (the low histamine diet is a whole new list of fun on top of the AIP diet - insert eye roll here)

Many people also ask if I feel different - the answer is a resounding yes!  I do feel different and in many ways I feel way better.  I have lost over 42 pounds, I have dropped two clothing sizes (which means I have some clothing I need to get rid of) but I am still struggling.  My adrenal fatigue and constant fight or flight is improving but not completely gone.... my energy levels are low and I get tired very easily (hence why my doctor told me I need to rest 3 hours each day - no I am not doing very well with that directive).  My immune system is still in distress and it could take up to a year or more to heal (insert sad face here).  But with all things, this is a journey and I am making great strides, and I am learning the hard way that healing doesn't come over night and it takes a lot of hard work, and patience especially when you start to treat the actual issue and not just the symptoms. 

I am so thankful for the care I have received at Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center.  I have made huge strides over the last 6 months and my numbers have improved.  Dr. Shannon Smith has been an amazing doctor and I am so thankful for God's hand in providing just the right person at just the right time.  I am also so thankful for my family Dr. and NP Mandy and Shellie and their support in this long and very frustrating journey.  I am thankful that they support natural medicine and desire to work together with my functional doctor to help me achieve wellness.