Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tony Dungy is true..I got to interview Tony Dungy this week. I believe this makes me one step closer to being famous....not that I actually want to be famous, but it is fun to joke about it. We interviewed him for our show Get Real. The interview will air Oct. 6th (which just so you know happens to be Tony's birthday). I must say that the weirdest part about the whole interview was that I didn't know what to call him....was I allowed to call him Tony, should I call him Coach Dungy or Mr. was a hard decision, so I didn't refer to him as anything.

The best part of the story though, was probably not the actual interview although that was amazing and Tony has a great deal of integrity and I was blessed to be able to talk to him. The best part of the story was actually getting to the radio station. I had decided to go for a long training walk and take my puppy Tucker with me. We walked about 7 miles and we were about a mile or so away from my house, when I thought I better ask this woman what time it is. She said 11:30 and in panic I pulled on the leash and said run Tucker. We ran the rest of the way home (btw I have not run in about 10 months) as we were approaching my house, I had a horrible relization that I did not have a car at my house nor did I have my phone with me. I ran into my house and called my collegue and said - I have no car come and get me....he was worried because I was trying to catch my breath and I just didn't want to miss the interview, once he realized that I was okay he laughed and headed to pick me up... good thing this was radio because I looked awful...gross...smelly...sweaty...and best yet I hadn't even brushed my teeth yet. Good thing Coach Dungy didn't have to see me - that would have been a little embarrassing!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Do I always have to be nice

You know I have been considering writing several times over the last few weeks - however...I do want my blogs to be fun and interesting and somewhat then does that mean I shouldn't write about the tough stuff or maybe I should only journal about the tough stuff and write about the other fun stuff....but alas I have decided that a blog should be a bit of everything, the good and bad, the funny and the serious, because after all that is me...I am a bit of everything...does that make me confused or ecclectic...I am not sure but whatever it is, it is me. So with that being said, I will just quickly say that the last couples weeks have been very difficult with my dad's health and my health. We are a medical mess! It is official. My dad went back into the hospital by ambulance on Saturday night to find out that he had pneumonia, then the next day they found that he had a ruptured sternum and back into surgery he went. He is out and recovering, but he is not a happy camper as you would imagine. I feel so badly for him and since I have been sick on top of everything - I haven't been able to visit. So friends and strangers that is the long and the short of my thoughts for the day!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Part 2: Top Ten Things to do when you get up at 3:30 in the morning

Well it seems as though I really enjoy getting up early..... okay not really, in fact I hate it. But hey if you have to suffer by being awake you may as well make the best of it. So here is my top ten list of things to do when you wake up at 3:30am.

10. Put on my night vision goggles and explore the neighborhood
9. Jog two miles with my puppy Tucker in two, the whole time wondering where he is because he is black and I can't see him since I lost my night vision goggles during exploration.
8. Coughed up a lung or two due to the large mass of flem that does not seem to want to leave my body.
7. Had a knock down, drag out fight with a fever...sad to say, but I think the fever won! At least for a couple hours (I actually think that it just broke...since I am now removing the twenty blankets and sweatshirts that I put on because I was shivering so badly.
6. I picked tomatoes at my neighbors house, they told me if I ever needed anything not to hesitate, so I just went for it.
5. Practice singing songs for my concert on Saturday night, the volume didn't seem to be a problem or wake my roommate since I have no voice at all.
4. Make new friends on myspace and facebook, you know the scary ones that stay up all night and stalk people....yeah those ones. You know someone has to befriend them.
3. Played catch with Tucker in the living room to try to get him from barking and waking up Erin.
2. Finished the last episode of season one of the Gilmore Girls.....I think that I am hooked. (Thanks Kathy - what a great gift to enjoy while sitting on the couch.
1. Making up a top ten list filled with truths and lies to see if anyone actually reads my blog and then if they do to see if anyone actually can figure out which ones are true and which ones are false.

Good luck - may the force be with you, hahahaha as you play my little game of what is true and what is a lie!!! Oh wait just for kicks I am going to add a picture, don't worry this is what I am going to do next time I am up in the middle of the night. Okay maybe not, but this is what my boy's do for fun when it rains on a mission trip - it is called Devistation.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

A long but good day!!

I am definately ready for bed!!! My day started bright and early - as they usually do since I have a puppy. We went for our morning walk then off to was Rally day we did a skit - the top ten reasons to miss Sunday School - I was reason number 10 however I feel most people or teens would pick it to be number one.... sleeping in so yes I got to wear my PJs to Sunday School....a little akward but fun none the less. Then it was church time in the Great Hall...then back to my house to finish all the things that I hadn't gotten done already since I was at Sayre all day on Saturday. This afternoon I did the church picnic thing with Tucker - he was a hit all the kids wanted to play with him. I got in trouble for taking him in the creek - I was told I was being a bad a bad example if that is the worst thing I do I think I will make it in life! Then we piled in the van for youth group. We had 22 middle schoolers - it was a blast. Then we had 22 high schoolers, we were missing a bunch but it was still a good time. Then another meeting to pray for our community. Now it is almost 11 pm and I am exhausted and feel like yuck - I didn't sleep last night because swallowing felt as though someone was taking sandpaper up and down my throat! UGHGHHGHGH!!!

So tonight I am having a hot cup of tea and hoping to sleep soundly - we will see how that works out...tomorrow is National start to clean my office day!! I will try to get some pictures!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

When it rains it pours!

So this has been a crazy week.... Wednesday morning I received a call from my mom that my dad had been life-flighted to a hospital in Sayre. He had a massive heart attack. So I fed my kids their Wednesday breakfast and tied up a few loose ends at work and headed up to the hospital, because my mom was alone. When I got there my sister was also there which I was very thankful for. So we sat and waited.... the surgery was supposed to take 2.5 hours, and time seemed to be going very slowly as we sat and watched the clock. About 6 hours later, the surgeon came out and met with us. It was much more complicated than they expected and much more serious than a triple bipass. The doctor said that she couldn't believe that he didn't have major problems sooner.

After he was out of recovery my mom got to see him about 5 minutes later she returned and was crying - he looked awful and he got so upset when she talked to him and he would not stay still and tried to talk but he had tubes in his throat.

Needless to say Jill and I did not get to see him Wednesday. So my mom and I stayed up there and Jill went home and came back on Thursday with her husband. My sister in law Jen also came up and we all got to see him. Mom said he looked better, but it was very hard to see him and walk through the ICU. He couldn't talk since he had the tubes in his throat, but he did squeeze my hand.... I wanted to cry but I felt that I needed to be strong.

On my way up to the hospital I was thinking about all the different scenerios and that made me a wreck, I am so thankful he made it through! It is going to be a long recovery, but we will take one day at a time.

So for now I am going to be making several trips to Sayre over the next week or two. Wow how things can change in the blink of an eye. I am so thankful I am feeling well enough to make the drive.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tuesday Night Review

Well it sure has been an interesting day....almost bi-polar. My day started being a bit tired and sluggish because of my injections but finished out high energy as I had to chase my puppy since he decided that he wanted to spend time in the neighbors yard, not normally a problem except the fact that he is black and it is night time and it is very challenging to chase something that you can't see.

It was also bi-polar in a sense because I got a couple not nice emails saying that I needed to be a better communicator and then after a meeting tonight I got a very nice email saying that I did a great job communicating.

Ahhhh - I am not sure that I can ever win! I think the hardest part is that despite the fact that I got that really nice email saying very positive things, I still focus on the other one. Why do I do that?