Monday, December 13, 2010

Advent Awesomeness - Day #14

Since I am posting this the day before so people have a little time to prepare for the Advent adventure of the day, it seems perfect that today we are celebrating spouses or significant loved ones in our lives. Today Joel and I celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary (December 13th).

Day #14 – Celebrate Spouses – I know not everyone reading this has a spouse or a significant loved one in their life, and if not – that is okay maybe today you can make a special commitment to praying about that area of your life. For me it was a long wait, but not nearly as long as my husband waited!

Today as a way to honor the union of marriage, which is a covenant picture of Christ and the church, I want to encourage you to affirm your spouse in their love language – for me it is words of affirmation, for Joel it is acts of service. Do something nice for them, let them know you love them, and also spend some time today sharing some special memories together.

Today I want to celebrate Joel – he is one of the most caring and compassionate men that I have ever met. His goal in life is to please other people and he exemplifies that daily in our marriage. He makes it a point to try to do special things for me….the other day we left 45 minutes early for a dinner just so he could drive me around to see Christmas lights – he knows how much I love them.

I can honestly say – these have been the best two years of my life! He is a great example of Christ in how he lives his day to day life and I am so blessed that He chose me to be his wife! I am one blessed woman and I am honored to be his wife!

It's hard to believe it was December! It was cold outside, but this is a favorite picture

Wedding Day December 13, 2008

This was so fun! My dad didn't like it, but Joel knew it was coming long before we were even engaged....I said - just an FYI if you marry me, I will put cake in your face! We just love to have fun together! Great memories!

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