Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Advent Awesomeness #9 - Thursday

Some of the favorites that made my list yesterday – Raspberry Iced Tea, Tucker’s soft floppy ears, the first snow of the winter season, rainy day early dismissals…. The list could go on – how did you do on your list?

Day #9 – Crazy Thursdays – Many years ago when I lived in Clearfield, I had a good friend named Aaron Garber. From his years in college he introduced me to the concept of Crazy Thursday. I mean really if you think about it – Thursday in and of itself is not an exciting day – it is not the weekend – it’s not the middle of the week – it is just Thursday. So by making it Crazy Thursday – we can bring to life a day that is typically boring or hard to get through.

When I was a teacher – we would celebrate Crazy Thursday by wearing crazy socks, hats, playing crazy childhood games (like Killer Red Light Green Light) yes I taught teenagers and yes they loved it! It was a chance for them to let loose and do something fun and crazy. I have to admit one Thursday we even went crazy mud diving out on the athletic field! No worries – the janitors knew ahead of time and all the girls had extra clothes, but that is a memory I will remember for a lifetime. Another fun activity you could try on Crazy Thursday is Ice blocking - we have the perfect weather here in Central PA to give it a try - all you need is a hill and a big block of ice from an Ice House - sit on top of the block and ride down the hill - you don't even need snow for this one! We love it so much - we started doing it at our church picnics in the summer.

Today is your turn to do something crazy in honor of advent – (make sure it is legal! Of course) Maybe it is just something out of the ordinary – but being spontanius can bring joy and laughter. I think God loves when we laugh and enough life - what better way to celebrate the season. So today get out of your stiff routine and so something crazy, exciting, backwards, whatever! After all – it’s crazy Thursday! Drop me a note and let me know what you do - I would love to hear all about it.

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