Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Advent Awesomeness #16 – Thursday

Did you get a chance to Christmas Carol last night - well I did, at least by doing the phone caroling with a few girls from my youth group. We took our students to see the New Narnia movie and it was awesome, so I am planning to carol at our Christmas play this week as well as do some more phone caroling - my girls loved the phone caroling so much that they now want to start a facebook page for it. Also I was honored by having my idea shared on site by my dear friend Stephanie!!!! Now onto today's advent adventure.....

Day #16 – send a Christmas care package to a long distance friend. Even as an adult I love to get real mail – you know the kind that doesn’t expect a check in return. Well if we love to just get real mail how much more would we love to get a real package. Include their favorite snack or a note about a special memory that you have shared. How about an old photo of the two of your together. I just got a letter like that the other day and it was a great memory to see that photo again. Just get a flat rate box from the post office and fill it up and send it out! You will be sure to get a call in return!!! Enjoy creating your care package!!!!

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