Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Advent Awesomeness #15 – Wednesday

So how are you doing with your Advent activities? So far - mostly so good I missed a day or two when we were sick, but I am working my way to catch up. The only one I have yet to do is the day of giving to a charity - but I will be taking care of that by Friday (I promise). Yesterday - was celebrate your spouse - that was super fun! Especially since we had a nice night away in Harrisburg with dinner and a light tour! One of the things that I am being reminded of this holiday Advent season is how blessed I am - I hope that shows in how I live my life!

Day #15 – A-Caroling we will go! Many churches still go caroling on a Wednesday evening as part of their midweek service, if yours does – go out and join them. I imagine it will brighten the night of a shut in who may feel lonely this holiday season. If your church no longer carols or never has – then call a couple friends and go as a group. This would be a great small group activity! Make a joyful noise to the Lord! If you aren't able to go caroling tomorrow - maybe you could do a caroling call - make a call to a couple people who may be alone this season and give them a carol on the phone or a schedule a visit for the weekend, if you aren't able to go today.

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