Saturday, December 03, 2016

Silly String - Elfina's Advent Adventures Day 2

Thursday was a long day for Ella and I - long meaning we didn't get along the greatest - I was super tired, she was overtired.... we are both a little bit strong willed (hard to believe, huh).  I felt as though we just needed to let loose and enjoy our time together.  So one of the things I am very intentional about during Advent is to find simple fun things to do together that brings us joy and laughter.  It is a great reminder that Jesus came so we could have joy and freedom from our sins and the things that hold us down.  So today - Ella was greeted with this poem.

Day #2
1,2,3,4 I declare a silly string war!
Meet me after school is done today
In the back yard where you run and play! 
We will have lots of fun as we empty our cans
We just have to be sure we keep it off of the van
Laughter is a gift that comes from the Lord
Let’s celebrate that together, so we never get bored.
Verse of the Day: Prov. 17:22

Note to self and others - don't leave silly string hang on your elf all day - it leaves stains and is very difficult to remove 
So after school we got home and Ella started looking around... where is Elfina she asked I said she was waiting inside for us to get home... and Ella said in her very concrete thinking... the note said she was going to meet me outside after school.  

A fun time was definately had by all!!!  

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