Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Day 19 - Elfina's Advent Adventure

Today is a helpful Elf day.... today is all about helping out the people you love.... so why not start with Mom and Dad.... Ella's job today (with the "help" of Elfina) is to do three jobs around the house to be helpful.... she was also encouraged to help her Mim today but she slept in so she didn't get to find the Elf before going to Mim's house this morning.

Day #19
Today your job is to be a helper elf
Just like me, but really yourself
I need you to join me to do three jobs today
The jobs are your choice, but your mom and dad have a say
Also it would be nice if you help Mim as well
She loves you and your help would be swell

Verse of the Day: Matthew 19:19 

Though this day didn't go exactly as planned.... Ella was helpful and did so some things to help around the house... and she even helped our neighbor put salt on his driveway.  I also didn't get any pictures.  

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