Thursday, December 15, 2016

Day 14 & 15 - Elfina's Advent Adventures

This was Ella's entrepreneur day.... in the summer and fall - Ella has a Veggie stand so she decided she wanted to make pretzels to give as gifts and sell at Cruisers.  She enjoyed our pretzel making event.  

Day #14
I have been practicing the spelling of your name
Decorating the counter was such a fun game
Today you can do a project with your mom
You can make chocolate covered pretzels that will be the bomb!
Quality time with your mom making snacks
Is good for the heart, and that is a fact.
So have fun making treats, and don’t make too big of a mess
I am sure they will look great, and be a success

Verse of the Day: Prov. 1:8

Today was mommy/daughter day.  We spent the day together, shopping not only for the gifts that I needed but also for Ella to learn the importance of giving.  So she was given money to get something for a friend as well as herself.  

Day #15
For today’s adventure we must leave for the car
No worries Ella we won’t be going too far
Let’s head to Selinsgrove, to have a girl’s day
I even have this gift card, for you to pay.
But don’t spend too much just on yourself,
Also buy a gift for a friend and share your wealth.
Verse of the Day: Prov. 17:17

Though I am pretty tired from being gone all day - it was a nice day of shopping and Ella did well looking and chosing gifts.  Now if we could just get through this I want everything stage :)  

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