Monday, December 05, 2016

Elfina's Gift - Day 5 Advent Adventures

Today's adventure involved a gift.  Elfina wrapped the gift but not so well, but she wrapped the gift and herself.  Ella thought it was so funny that Elfina was all wrapped up in the paper and ribbon.  She hopes she does something messy every time.  Not sure I am up for that.  Here was the note that she received today....
Day #5
When the wisemen found Jesus it was years after his birth
They brought him gifts to show Him his worth
Gold, Frankincense and myrrh were the gifts presented to the king
To celebrate the birth of Jesus, whose songs we do sing.
So today once you get to Mim’s house
Be helpful, kind and gentle as a mouse
This gift is for you to open after your Mom and Dad leave
I hope you will like it, if not you can cry on your sleeve

Verse of the Day: Matt. 2:11

Ella was so excited when she woke up, and was happy to be able to take Elfina to Mim and PaPas house for the day.  She loved opening her present (Color Wonder glitter pages - which I got for a great deal).  The focus today was on the gifts given to Jesus by the Wisemen.  

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