Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Day 8 - 9 of Elfina's Advent Adventures

Sorry I haven't been great about the blogging lately.... we were away and I have been tired in the evening.  I will try to do two days at a time to catch up on my blogs.

On Day 8 - It was Daddy Daughter Day and one thing that Ella loves to do is be creative and make up songs and make videos.  She is very random as you will see.  But I think you will enjoy her video of the day.

 Day #8
Today is Daddy Daughter Day
We are off for an adventure we are off and away
While Mommy is working we will have some fun
Today we will make some videos of the things we have done.
Don’t forget to take me along
I want to be in all the videos and also your songs
 So put on your creative thinking cap
We are off to great adventures, be sure you take your map
Verse of the Day: Psalm 96:1

Day 9 - Was all about giving to others.  Ella loves stuffed animals and dolls and she finds it challenging to buy them and give them away when she really wants to keep them.... however this year we only got a few minutes of you can't keep it, which was an improvement from last year... which was a lot of tears!  Anyway - cool story - we weren't able to find a donation bin the day we got the gifts so we saw one at our hotel... and little did we know but we also earned some free hotel points for donating the gifts. 

 Day #9
You have been blessed with many toys and things
People who love you, these are the things they bring
But many kids around these towns
Don’t have many toys and that brings a frown
I think it would be fun to go shopping today
For a boy or a girl, who’s name we can’t say
We will find a box that is collecting the toys
For a special little child, a girl or a boy
Verse of the Day: Matthew 25:40

So proud of her for not crying this year when I told her she couldn't keep it.  

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