Sunday, December 04, 2016

Day 3 & 4 - Advent Adventures with Elfina

As usual our weekends are busy and full of ministry events and other typical December joys.  So I had to be a bit creative this weekend with our events as I knew that we would be super busy on Saturday and with my MS my body was probably going to crash on Sunday.... so I used both events to teach a lesson about God.

Day 3 - The Live Nativity - It was such a really cool event.  Ella loved it and I really thought they did a great job.  We did have to wait due to a medical emergency in which one of the actors actually passed away on site right before they started taking people through.  They came out and told the families that he was sure of his salvation and that he would have wanted them to go on with the program.    Here was what her note said on Saturday....

Day #3
Now you caught me on the back of the camel
You see, Ella, I just really love these animals
They are all gathered to see a wonderfully great sight
Jesus the Messiah who was born one December night
The only thing I don’t really like as I sit here today
No one around me is moving, not even to naaaah.
So how about you join me for an adventure tonight
To see a live Nativity, that would be out of sight!

Verse of the Day: Luke 2:1-7

We were so thankful to be able to join a few other families from the church.  Ella asked if her friend Ali also had an elf that was taking her to the live Nativity.  Thankfully she forgot to ask.  But Elfina did enjoy being able to sit on a Donkey named Reuben and Ride on a school bus.


Registering as Hebrew citizens 
Elfina meets a calf

Elfina meets Reuben the Donkey

Day 4 - Sunday - Today is the day of rest - though ministry doesn't always allow for that, so we have to be creative.  I had worked most of day at the church doing a meal for our mentoring program so I knew I would need a night to rest, so that was our focus, resting, being still and spending some time together.  So Elfina thought a movie would be a great idea - but couldn't choose.

Here was the poem for the day:

Day #4
Oh the fun, we had on our adventure last night
To see those live animals was truly a delight.
But I am tired and weary from all we have done
So why don’t we just sit back and relax, doesn’t that sound like fun.
Since today is the day, God tells us to rest,
Let’s just sit back and relax, that really sounds best.
S0, let’s watch a movie, but I am not sure where to begin
There are so many choices,  so I decided to just jump in!
Verse of the Day: Gen. 2:2

Even God rested on the 7th Day so it was nice for us to do the same.  After Ella found her this morning, she said, Elfina told me that she wanted to watch Ariel.... so Little Mermaid it was, followed by some cooking shows that we love to watch together.  It was a great relaxing night! 

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