Thursday, December 01, 2016

A Thankful Start to Elfina's adventures Day #1

So this morning, Ella woke up to find an elf sitting on her new writing tray with a marker in hand and thank you cards ready to be written on.  She was so surprised and has continued to ask all day long... "who did that - who put her there?  I wonder what she will be doing tomorrow"  Along with Elfina I included a letter that I came up with late (very late) last night along with a little poem about the event of the day.

My Name is Elfina, I am a kindly sweet elf,
I come around at Christmas, not just to sit on a shelf.
Adventures are my passion, I love them, I do
You may even find me one day, hiding out in a shoe.
New places you will find me, with the dawn of each day
With clues for the adventure that will be coming our way.
I need you to make me a promise that’s true,
That you will always remember that Christmas is not about you,
It’s about Jesus, the Savior, the king of all Kings
So remember to celebrate Jesus with all that this adventure will bring.
Much Love for you sweet Ella, I can’t wait for the start of the fun,
Christmas will be here before you know it and then off I will run
You see my job is just for Advent, a great time to celebrate
God coming near
Then after Christ’s birthday, I must then disappear.
So what are you waiting for, let this adventure please start

For I know that you, dear Ella are an adventurer at heart.

Then next to the letter was a clue for what today's activity would include.  Unlike Elf on the shelf - this elf is invited to come on all the adventures with us... so Elfina helped Ella write thank you notes today.

Day #1

Today is the first of our Kindness Advent Adventure
We will start with a note to thank those who have blessed you.
A thanks for the special Calendar from Mim
And a thanks for the tray from a very kind friend.
Giving thanks is something that is dear to God’s heart.
So writing letters of thanks is a great way to start.

Verse of the Day: Psalm 107:1

It was a great start to our Advent Adventure.... I think Ella is really going to enjoy this and though it is extra work for me.... it is so fun to be creative as I come up with ways to incorporate the things we normally do during advent with the whimsical fun of the Elf.

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