Saturday, December 17, 2016

Day 16 - Elfina's Advent Adventures

So I was laying in bed around midnight last night trying to get ready for my day and getting the elf ready.... when I realized that the elf was still in the car.... it was really cold... and I was ready for bed... so what does every great mom do.... nope I didn't walk out to the car that is for sure... instead I incorporated it into the adventure for the day.... this is what the note said...

Day #16
Help, Help – I am a missing elf
If you find me, please put me inside my book shelf.
This house was built to keep me warm
But I think I must have been stuck in the cold storm
Please find me and bring me in
So we can read Christmas books, I want to begin
The pile of books gets bigger each year
So let’s start from the bottom, and when finished give a cheer. 

Verse of the Day: Luke 2:40 

It's book day... we have lots of Christmas books so today we built a house for the elf out of books and will take some time throughout today reading some of our Christmas books.  PS - my great husband went to the car this morning and got the elf once Ella realized that she had left it in there.  

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