Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Buck II

Yes there is a place in the Outer Banks called Tim Buck II and it is actually located in Corolla right across from the house that I stayed in two falls ago. After we had dinner, most of the gang walked around and shopped, but for those that know me, shopping is not my favorite activity, plus I was tired (remember the whole fight between MS and Heat - yeah let's just say the heat won and kicked my butt!) So Joel and I found a swing and sat and chatted which was nice! As I was sitting there I was thinking about how much my life has changed since I last sat on that porch has been about a year and half. And these are the things that have changed since that point:

  • I woke up blind in one eye - they thought it was lymes disease

  • I have had 6 MRIs - they are fun

  • I was told I had Lymes Disease - but they retested and that was wrong.

  • I started to Co-Host a Radio Show

  • My sister in law was life flighted to the hospital - blood clots in her lungs - she is fine now

  • I was diagnosed with MS in April

  • Several Friends got engaged and then married

  • Did crazy stuff with my friend Jared - like canoeing the Susquehanna in the winter along with all the ice chunks.

  • Turned 32

  • Started my 6th year of working at the church

  • My dad was lifeflighted to the hospital for triple bipass - three ambulance trips back to the hospital, a lot of stress for the family, and 75 pounds lost - Dad is doing great!

  • Church Drama - yuck!

  • Change in friendships, some losses, some gains

  • And now a relationship with a great guy

Wow - alot has happened! And that was all going through my mind as I was sitting on that porch swing....scary to think that I think that much! No wonder I have anxiety problems!

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Ashley said...

Wow, that is so cool how you got to see how God brought things about. It's kinda like you were able to go full circle. Some good things and some not so good things happened...crazy how life works.