Saturday, June 14, 2008


I am so impressed with myself, I blogged 14 times in one day! I think it must be my competitive nature that still lurks inside of me, that when I set out to do something I want to do it well, so once I declared it in my mind that it was National Blog Alot Day I thought I should live it up! So that is what I did, and it may just be a record - do you know of anyone else who has blogged 14 times in one day....if you do let me know. I am now off to count pills for the Guatemala Mission Trip. Have a great day!


Joel said...

Just got done reading all of your blogs! I am so impressed! Sorry I left the country but I am glad we got to talk over skype yesterday! See you in 14 days or so.

Michele said...

I am impressed. Not quite as impressed as I would be if you were to say..oh, blog once a week on a consistent basis...but, this was fun to read!

That little boy in the beach pic is so darn cute !!! Bet he looks like his mommy!

Ashley said...

you go girl! i am impressed!