Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Next Great Adventure

So our lunch adventure today was a big hit we had 28 kids come to our pool party. It was so entertaining to watch my kids have such a good time. There is a huge group of 5th graders moving up to Branching Out (our Middle School Youth Group). The whole day was one laugh after the next, the kids were doing flips on the board, in the one picture below Nate is doing his one time a year sit up (that is my kinda kid!!!) Then the other picture is of our kids walking in a circle around the pool to create a whirlpool. They are such a fun group!

We are also doing a study of Ephesians and this week we focused on the importance of praying for our friends and our church family!

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Ashley said...

What a great turn out!! Is this something you are doing daily, weekly??