Thursday, June 26, 2008

Farewell Lorelai and Rory!!!

I can check one of my New Year's Resolutions off the list. This afternoon I watched the final episode of Gilmore Girls. It was sad...and I must admit I cried...not because the show is over, but because it was a happy sad ending to the story that has been going on for years. I really enjoyed the show (with the exception of a bit of smut that was thrown in, without my permission of course) but good. Thanks Mom Storm for getting me the first two sessions during my treatments last year. These Gilmore Girls were so fun to watch, but this may sound silly, they actually have helped me get through many of my bad days when I couldn't get out of bed and had no TV to watch to pass the time. Also a big thanks to Jeanne and Betsy for keeping the ending a surprise, I know that it must have been very hard since you would watch a whole season in a night, and then had to keep it a secret for months - I am impressed!

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Ashley said...

I have never really watched GG, maybe I should jump on the band wagon???