Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yet another!

Yet another what you may be asking yourself. Well I am sure that I can come up with many yet yet another frustrating day of dealing with technology that doesn't work....yet another fun experience dealing with crazy tennis coaches from other schools that think they are always right and everyone else is always wrong (okay I didn't deal with her directly but her attitude affects one of my boys so that affects me!) Yet another trip in our van without seats, because someone (not mentioning any names) did not put the seats back in. Yet another obedience class has come and gone - however Tucker was much better today - must be because Samantha came along.... and the real yet another...drugs. Yes - this whole message is about drugs. I went to the doctor today and they put me on yet another medication. I actually don't even know what it is called...all I know is that it is supposed to help me from getting yet another migraine, it is also supposed to help me sleep and be less stressed as well as not be so stinkin tired all the time. So yet again I find myself complaining about yet another treatment when in reality I should just be thankful that treatments are available. So yeah - this is yet another blog about my frustrations and ventings about having MS - it sucks I don't recommend you trying it!

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Ashley said...

I don't mind hearing you complain. Complain away!! Vent away!! I cannot even begin to imagine what you have to deal with, and how crappy and unfair it is, so I say whatever you need to do to cope (within reason of course) - do it! You are just being realistic. It does suck - in fact it more then sucks. And I am mad you have to deal with it!!!! That being said you are a trooper and thanks for sharing your experience with me (and your other readers!).