Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Song - #10 - Sing Mary Sing

Here is a song recommended my a good buddy Chris Bartley.  I think somewhere in my stack of CDs I may even have this album and it totally got lost on my Christmas music radar so thanks for the recommendation and the reminder!  I have no doubt that Mary sang!  As much as I love to sing to my baby girl,  I am sure she loved to Sing to her King!  Though the video quality is not the best, the words and the lyrics are catchy!

Mary Had A Baby Born In A Manger 
Mary What To Do, Mary What To Do?
Before The Vow Was Made,
In Her Belly Laid The King
Sing Mary, Sing
Lullabye The King
Born To Be Our Pardon
No Longer Shall We Weep
Come Soften What Was Hardened
Sing Mary, Sing
Herod With A Vision Out With A Vengeance
Mary What To Do, Mary What To Do?
Flee To Galilee
Raise A Baby King Of Peace
Mary In Your Mourning
Turn Now As You Weep
Look To See A Savior
O, Sing Mary, Sing!
Sing Mary, Sing!

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