Monday, June 21, 2010

M&Ms and Tiger Lilies

The song from Sound of Music – favorite things just seems to be going through my head as I write this blog, except instead of raindrop on rose and whiskers on kittens.  It would be pretzels in candy & orange on lilies.

As I was driving to workcamp yesterday – I had a nice two hour drive to reflect and think and listen to music and stand in awe of God’s amazing handiwork (okay well I was sitting because I was driving but you know what I mean).  The two things that jump out at me on the trip here were – the new pretzel M & Ms and the tiger lilies. 

I have always loved Tiger Lilies – I had a patch in my back yard at my Lewisburg house.  They are so vibrant and colorful.  The first half of my trip was filled with Tiger Lilies – it is such a happy flower.

Now to the M & Ms – pretzel one – I didn’t even know there was such a thing!  And they are good.  They are in a blue bag and I got mine at Sheetz- you should check them out!

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