Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dutch Days - Day 2

So I wasn't planning on being at Dutch Days today, however I needed my car back so I returned the van and stopped by for a little bit - after the long day that I had I must admit I wasn't the most outgoing socialite at the event....which is probably not great since I am always meeting people, and today was probably not the best day for a first impression from me. Let's just say, if people didn't know that I had MS - they may have thought that I was drinking. I did a bit of stumbling and jumbling of my words, and my body just crashed! However I did get to eat of bite or two of a Mr. Sticky's cinamin roll which was very good, then I said hello to all the Snyders (which none of them are actually Snyder's any more besides Joel and his Dad) but you know what I mean....(Ebright, Leisters, Zearfus, etc) I also did get to see some of the old quilts including the first one! So cool! It was worth the walk over to see that!

Then to top the evening off I had to drive home (against someone's wishes!) I wasn't feeling well at all, but when I don't feel well I just want to be home and in my bed, plus Tucker needed to go out, so I am not sure how I made it, other than the fact that God had his hand on my car, because I don't remember most of it. But now I am home and ready for bed, so I will close my report for today. Stay tuned for Saturday's blog - I will write about the Parade, which is a big deal from what I have been told!


vonna said...

with the parade included that is Duch Days 3 out of the 4 days.. I son't know girl ... this sounds pretty serious to me! Hope to se you Saturday!

vonna said...

and talk about jumbling words... what exactly is my excuse? other than maybe lack of sleep from working overtime. I need to learn to proofread!!!

Ashley said...

Glad you made it home safely!!! How is Tucker? Being a good dog?:-)