Thursday, July 17, 2008

Camel Beach

A long day at the water park..but it was a great day for the kids! We loaded up the vans and headed to the Poconos for a day at the water park - all 38 of us! After a bit of a legistical craziness and having to drive to Richfield to borrow a van (thanks RMC you are a life saver!) we were able to get all of our kids in four vehicles. I decided that in order to make it through the extreme heat (100 degree heat index) I should take it easy - so I did...wave pool, scenic chair lift,lazy river, and falling asleep on the lounger chair by the pool. So the good side is - I listened to my body and took it easy...the bad side - I feel like a lazy and boring Youth Director, I would have much rather been out and about riding the waves with my kids, but instead I had to take it easy. I was proud of the fact that my obsession with sunscreen and drinking water really paid off - no dehydrated or sun burnt kids were brought home with us! (I just left all those ones there - jk!) Anyway - we left the park just in time to beat the storms! All in all a great day for the Lewisburg SPY kids!

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Ashley said...

Sounds fun and I think you are FAR from a lazy and boring youth director!!