Monday, June 10, 2019

From the Mouth of A Child

This was when I could actually eat cheesecake!
As you can imagine the last four months have taken a toll on me as a wife but also has a mom.... it is so difficult to drum up energy to play and enjoy time with my very active 7 year old when I feel as though I have been hit by a car.

Last night we were in our jammies at 5:30 and snuggling on the couch (because that is what I had the energy for).  As I started to braid her hair, I commented that it had been a long time since I had braided her hair and she said, it's because you have been in the hospital so much.   I guess my three trips to the ER have made an impact on her, but she also may be thinking that every time I went to the doctor it was a trip to the hospital.

When Ella sees me struggling, she will often come up and give me a hug and pray for me on the spot, that does my heart good to know that my child is praying for me.  I think if I hadn't been crying already I would have started the first time she prayed for me.

Every morning before school Ella would help me get out my supplements for the day.... I wrote how many of each on the top of each bottle and she counts them out and she makes me my Relax Max Drink while Joel makes my smoothie.  The only down side to it is the a few of the lids are the same size and they may or may not have been switched last night - but I caught it after just one day of take an extra B vitamin or two.

We have had to do life a little different the last few months.  I have missed some of her games and activities which I hate to do, but she has handled it as well as possible.  We have eaten supper on the couch a lot, we have watched a lot of Tiny House shows, and played a lot of Rack-O - but for such a time as this.... this is what we do to get by.

On good days we go outside and I sit on the chair and she plays, and helps me in the garden.  Now I don't want to paint a picture that it is always daisies and roses, because it surely is not.... we struggle I struggle to be patient, I struggle to be energetic and Ella struggles to be understanding, and struggles to not complain about not being able to do something she wants to do.

All this to say - I am so thankful for my little family and all they have done for me.  God knew that I would need them and I have needed them and continue to need them to help me walk through this journey.  When I don't feel like I have much to be thankful for..... I am reminded I am blessed beyond measure with a family who loves me and I count that as a true blessing from God!

So thankful for these two blessings!!!

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