Friday, June 07, 2019

For Better or Worse

This morning as I struggled to get out of bed, I noticed the smell of something cooking in the kitchen along with the rumble of the Ninja (which is out smoothie machine).... as I stubbled to the kitchen after my shower I found my husband busy in the kitchen cooking chicken and making my daily smoothie will with my newly approved foods.  But the chicken had me stumped.... so I asked what is that for?  His reply.... I knew you would need something you could eat for lunch today so I thought I would make you some chicken!  You see we have some great leftovers in the fridge but leftovers from more than a day contain histamines and I can't have histamines.  So packing approved lunches has been a struggle, going out to eat has been a struggle, having energy to cook has been a struggle.... but my dear husband has recognized how challenging things are.... he recognizes the moments in the day that cause stress or cause me to feel flustered and he steps in..... as has Ella (but I will save that for another post)

My family has sacrificed a lot over the past months and they have picked up my slack.  They have done extra chores, cleaning, laundry, planting, watering.... but the best part of what they have done is they have rested with me.  They have snuggled on the couch after a long day when I have no energy left and we watch Tiny Houses and talk about whether or not we could live in one... Ella is sure that we could... and then I remind her that she would have to get rid of ALOT of her toys and dolls.... then she quickly changes her mind. 

I know on our wedding day, we didn't say the traditional vows, but on our wedding day - I know we promised each other to be partners in life, whatever life brings.  My husband has done that - in more ways that I can count.  I don't know how long this will continue, but one thing I can be sure of is that I have a man who will walk through it with me, and when I feel hopeless or I feel alone, I am reminded that God is near because he has used my husband daily to show me just that.

I know Joel's love language is not words of affirmation, but to me part of my daily reminders is to find things to be thankful for in the midst of feeling crappy - and today I am reminded how thankful I am for my Husband especially!!!!  Joel Wade Snyder - thank you for being the hands and feet of Christ in my life!  I love you to infinity and beyond..... plus one!

"A Cord of three strands it not easily broken" Ecc. 4:12


Joel Snyder said...

I LOVE you!

Wendy J said...

I love this. God bless you both. I pray your strength and health returns to you this summer. ����❤️