Monday, February 01, 2016

With All My Heart

Today marks the start of what I hope to be a new February tradition for our family. The wall of hearts were put up last night and each day between now and Valentine's Day my daughter and my husband each get to turn over a heart to reveal something we love about them. Joel and I worked together to make Ella's and Ella worked with me to come up with some for her Daddy. As we were finishing up Joel's hearts Ella asked about mine... I told her I didn't make any for myself, so she decided she would make some for me and she knows what each one says despite the fact that all I see are jumbled letters - they truly are a message of love. 

For each on of Ella's heart we made a point to find a scripture to go along with it so it was not only a message of what we loved about her, it was also an opportunity for us to have a little devotion time together as we talk about who God made her to be and how God has already gifted her in many ways.  

My hope and prayer is that she will always know she is loved not for what she can do, but for who she is in Christ!!

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