Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bracelets for MS

I am so blessed to have wonderful friends in my life.  One of those wonderful friends is my college roommate Christie Hubner.   We lived next to each other freshman year and had to remain on campus over fall break - we were the only ones left on the floor so we spent a lot of time together and realized that we had many great things in common - such as our musical tastes, our love for the outdoors and our distain for pink (now we both have little girls, so we are learning to deal with that one).  Needless to say that year was the beginning of a great friendship.  Throughout college we would often run together - however she would always say that I was the runner and she was just coming along.  Now the tides have turned and she is the triatholon runner and the fitness guru as I at most times must sit back and walk.

Every since I was diagnosed with MS Christie has made a commitment to walk in the Frederick Maryland MS Walk in honor of me.  I am so blessed by her acts of kindness and her care for me.  This year Christie decided to use her talents as she raises funds for her MS walk.  She has created this bracelet to raise money for MS research.  The cost of the bracelet is 7.00 and all the funds go towards the MS walk.  I love how she chose a simple yet unique design - I have already worn mine several times and I love it!  It is made with orange string which is the color that represents the MS Society movement.

If you would like to order one and support the MS walk - just let me know no later than April 7th.  You can give the money to me and I will be sure to submit it with the order I place that day.

Thanks for your support of this great cause!

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