Thursday, May 24, 2012

Growing With Me - "Mommy Maple Tree"

As a new mom I am constantly thinking about ways to incorporate traditions for holidays and special occasions for our new family. You could call me sentimental but I am okay with that.  You might say that I love holidays.....true statement.  I would sum it up and say I love life and I want to pass that on to my little girl.

This year for our first Mother's Day we planted a tree.  Each year I hope to take a picture of Ella and I next to that tree.  It is just a special little thing that we can do to make an ordinary day a little more extraordinary.

PS - I had a great Mother's Day and I look forward to many more great memories and many more pictures by our special "Mommy Maple Tree".

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Sarah I. said...

Love it and love traditions! It's great to start them when they're young. A funny story though, my parents planted a pine tree the year I was born and the year my brother was born. My brother's tree is tall, thin, and beautiful. Mine was short and fat and then died. It's a fun running joke in our family - which is part of the fun of traditions! My boys both have pine trees and my mom's house now too :).