Thursday, October 30, 2008

My New Raspberry

Okay - so I finally broke down and changed my cell phone service from Verizon to At&T because that is what Joel has and let's just say it will save me lots of money especially after getting my last cell phone bill when I went over by 435 minutes - you do the math! It was really bad.

Anyway - so with the new service I got a new phone - I am not good with technology so I was just going to get a basic phone that I could text, call and take pictures....well they were having a sale.....a big sale - they had a blackberry that was 235 dollars but then after rebates it was only 50 dollars. That is cheaper than all the simple phones. So now I have this fancy phone and I can't even figure out how to use it. So if you call or text me in the next couple days and I don't return your call....sorry it is because I can't figure out my phone. I am assured that I will at some point love it, but right now I am just frustrated....I wonder if that is how married life is going to be....????

Oh and one last thing - I know that my phone is a blackberry, but since it is red I am going always refer to it as my raspberry!


Jessica said...

Bob got a new "raspberry" over the summer. I had to learn how to use it and then teach if you have any questions...I may be able to help you!!!

michele said...

It seemed to work the other day! $50 bucks is a great deal! Can't joel teach you?

michele said...

Oh and yes, that is how married life is gonna too! ha ha ha ha ha ha

Ashley said...

I want a new phone!!! I am soooo jealous! Cute name for it:-) Red is the best color ever!