Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Man, The Myth, The Legend!

So here is .....the man that is crazy enough to want to marry me! He is an amazing Godly man! He is strong and stubborn (oh I mean bull headed) just like me! We are a perfect match. Actually in many ways we are opposites. I love camping, he loves his bed (or couch). I love to listen to music all the time, he is fine with quiet in the car. He has to have a TV in the bedroom - I don't even have a TV with cable in my house. I love details and organization and he let's just say doesn't really care too much about the details unless it is a production then details are very important.

As much as we are different, we are similar - we share a passion for God and for kids to know Him personally. We love to laugh and have adventures (especially if they includes not camping) We love life and hope to live it to the fullest! He is my best friend and he has been a rock for me on so many occasions. I hope to be that for him as well.

So here is my "hubby cakes" to be! I will get in trouble for that later, but I am the only one allowed to call him that, just like his football players are the only ones that can call him "Babycakes" so unless you are me...don't call him that....or else!!!!!!

Anyway that is Joel Wade Snyder, my man!


Jessica said...

so cute!!

k8 said...

What a cute photo, Jana!! It sounds like you two complement each other perfectly - like peanut butter & jelly!

Anonymous said...

Not to mention he comes with an amazing family !!! How lucky for you!

vonna said...

he is our answer to prayer!! love you both!

Ashley said...

He sounds like an amazing catch - just like you are! Congrats again. You deserve it and I know your marriage will help increase the Kingdom!