Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A prayer for my sleeping child

There are few things quite as precious as a sleeping child.... whether it has been a great day filled with learning and obedience, or a day that seemed to be the worst of days filled with tears, whining, and what seemed like constant disobedience.  My heart melts over my sleeping child.  Sometimes I just stare at her, looking at her precious peaceful face.  Sometimes I cry tears of joy because of the amazing gift that God so gracious entrusted to me.  And sometimes I honestly look at my sleeping child and celebrate that the day is done... and tomorrow is a new day (if you know what I mean).

Lately I have been convicted of my need to do a better job at praying more specifically for people and for situations.  I am okay at mentioning names before the Lord, but not so good at being detailed in what I pray for.  That conviction has also rolled over into my need to do a better job praying specifically for my child and my husband.

Our evening routine involves a book or two, an evening prayer, and singing.  After the singing is through I usually kiss my sleeping child and quietly exit the room being careful to not wake the sleeping child.... however lately I have found myself lingering, looking and praying.  As I began to think about how to pray for her, I thought of the old hymn... Take My Life and Let It Be and it prompted me to pray like this....

I lay my hand and her HEAD - Lord, give her wisdom.  Help her grow in her knowledge of you. Help her to make wise decisions that would bring you honor.  Fill her mind with godly things and protect her from lies of the world.  Help her to think before she acts, so that she can be a light for you.

EARS - Lord, help her to listen - as the saying says you give us two ears to hear and one mouth to talk let us listen more than we talk.  Help her to be still and listen to that still small voice.  Help her to hear the cries of the people around her who need loved and cared for.  Help her to listen and obey as we seek to teach her your ways.  Give her ears that are fully tuned to your voice.

EYES - Protect my little girl's eyes... help us to teach her what is good to see and what to turn away from.  Give her eyes filled with compassion for those that she sees to be hurting around her.  Help her to be sensitive to those that she sees that look or act differently - help her to see them just as you see her.

MOUTH - You tell us our tongues are sharper than a two edged sword..... help her tongue to be used to build people up and not tear them down.  Help her to speak truth but in a way that is filled with compassion.  Help her words to be kind and caring.  Help her to use her mouth to tell others of your amazing goodness.  Let her be your mouth piece to a hurting world that needs to know of your love.

HANDS - Let these hands be used to serve you.  Let them be used to build for your kingdom and not be used to hurt others or for selfish things.  Use her hands to help bring joy to the brokenhearted and healing for the sick (she told me she wants to be a doctor, so I guess it is never to early to start praying if that is what she does).

I lay my hand on her BACK - this precious little body Lord is a gift from you.... protect her body from harm.  Keep away anyone that would want to hurt her or take advantage of her.  Lord wrap your arms around her as she sleeps so that she can be comforted to know that she is safe in your arms. Thank you for the gift that she is to me and so many others...thank you for her!

LEGS - You tell us that we are to run a race not of speed but of endurance.... give her legs to run that race and run it well.  Lead her on the path that is the straight and narrow.  Give her patience in the journey but help her to follow the leader of the pack, which is you.

FEET - Lord - these tiny feet will walk many miles over her lifetime... may those steps by following in your footsteps.  Let her be your hands and feet and be like You to other people.  Though it would be so hard to let her go far away, Lord if you call her to serve around the world... help me to be willing to let her go.... and help her to be willing to be obedient.

Lord for this little child, my baby, your gift to us... I pray your hand of protection, and pray that you amazing love would radiate from this child.  Thank you for sharing her with us!  AMEN

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