Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Brighton Workcamp - Day 2

So we made it through the terrible storms of yesterday and last night - the sun is peeking through the clouds and it looks as though tomorrow is going to be sunny! The down fall - it is supposed to be a heat index of 110 degrees - that is HOT!

We had a bit of fun this morning as we woke up to a power outage - but it did return just before I got to do Wakey Wakey for our workcamps - for those that don't know that is the fun intercom announcement and songs that I get to give each morning. I also include a fun fact about myself and one snapple fact as well as the weather! Fun times!

Yesterday we learned that the average person spends two years of their life on the phone! That is crazy!!!

Todays fact - Mosquitos have 47 teeth (but I think the ones here in Tennessee have at least 50)

You will have to wait and see the fact for the day will be tomorrow! Bring on the fun times!!!

My blogs may be scarce this week because we don't have internet at our school, however there i is a nice McDs about 10 minutes away that has free WiFi and some great greasy food - that is not a deli sandwich - fun times!

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