Monday, March 29, 2010

Glowy Unicorns and Complaining!

Tonight was the kickoff for our 8th grade girls Small Group - these girls have energy - wow! From the moment they walked in to the moment they left there was never a dull moment...they talked about everything - including but not limited to being "glowy", unicorns, baby names, complaining, denarius, the meaning of Noel, and so much more that I wish I could remember. However the best thought of the night was in the beginning when we were talking about the baby and the girls were asking how it felt to be pregnant - which was entertaining to say the of my girls asked me after I squirted the dog because he is being trained to not whine when he is behind the gate, "Jana, are you going to spray your baby in the face when he cries, like you do when your dog cries?" Oh my goodness - I had to laugh at that one and insisted that I could not!

We did tonight talk about complaining - we looked at the Parable of the Workers in Matthew 20:1-16. Check it out and be challenged! Looking forward to more fun times with these girls!

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